Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sun, barbeques and baby sea turtles.

Update from Jannette:

July 5, 2016

Sun, barbecues and baby sea turtles!

 Everything has been running very smoothly on the Empire State for the past week. We entered the sapphire blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea a few days ago and oh my, how beautiful it has been! The sky is blue, the breeze is soft and the sea is calm!

We are spending a few days in the training area near Mallorca, Spain to practice maneuvering the ship as well as safety and rescue drills. Everyone has been working hard and enjoying our time at sea. There have been sightings of dolphins, porpoises, whales and yes, even baby sea turtles. On July 6, we will be docking in Barcelona.    We are all looking forward to exploring Spain!

Yesterday, we had our Fourth of July barbecue out on the sun deck with the Mediterranean Sea and Spain as our backdrop! The wonderful Chartwells folks went above and beyond to provide us with a sumptuous feast of steaks, burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, root beer floats and cotton candy for dessert! Music played,  the sun shone and our merriment continued well into the evening!

 Hope everyone at home enjoyed the long three day holiday weekend. Up next Barcelona!

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