Thursday, April 12, 2012

100th Anniversary of the TITANIC

Stephen B. Luce Library Honors the 100th Anniversary of the RMS TITANIC’s Tragic Sinking

In remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the TITANIC’s sinking, the Stephen B. Luce Library recognizes its enduring legacy in maritime history with a digital display and resources exhibit.

The online display, which can be viewed from the library’s web portal (, includes:

· An online slideshow presentation on the TITANIC, the preparations for her journey, tragic sinking, aftermath, rediscovery, and surrounding mythos (

· Recommended readings from our collection.

· Online resources for the history and impact of the TITANIC’s sinking, including suggested links from the National Archives and Records Administration.

The resources exhibit will be on display in the library foyer throughout the month of April, and includes:

· A slideshow presentation on the TITANIC’s enduring legacy.

· A selection of books from our circulating collection, which highlight the depth of information available on how the TITANIC was constructed, sailed, met her fate, and has survived the test of time in our curiosity for disasters at sea.