Thursday, November 8, 2012

Joseph Williams published in "Serials Librarian"

Congratulations go out to librarian Joseph Williams (Head of Technical Services and Acquisitions) for his new article, “At Sea: Reclaiming a Serials Collection at a Small Specialized Library,” published in the Serials Librarian, 63:3-4, pp. 359-369.
Mr. Williams’s article describes a multi-year project in which the Stephen B. Luce Library worked to restore and optimize its print serial holdings for preservation and access. After a review of the literature the article focuses on project work flow, preservation, bibliographic control, and the criteria for decision-making processes among the librarians to determine appropriate titles to keep or discard. Provided are data collected on titles, some statistics, and tentative future plans to augment access and digitize holdings.   

Print copies of the article are available at the library.  Congratulations, Joe!