Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NYSED Grant Awarded to Stephen B. Luce Library, Archives, and Special Collections

The Stephen B. Luce Library, Archives, and Special Collections is pleased to announce the award of a New York State Education Department Conservation Preservation Discretionary Grant in the amount of $4,200.00.  The award will be used for a comprehensive assessment and preservation survey of the repository area including long range planning for the Institutional Archives and Special Collections of the Stephen B. Luce Library and Maritime College.  Under the review of a representative from the Northeast Document Conservation Center, the Archives will undergo a thorough review with attention paid to the conservation needs of some of the most rare and unique of our collections.  With these recommendations in mind for a long range, collection preservation and maintenance plan, we will seek to implement priorities for the ongoing conservation of archival collections as a whole and also address any specific items identified for additional conservation or restoration.

The Archival Collections held by the Stephen B. Luce Library includes records related to the Sailors’ Snug Harbor Institution, Marine Society of the City of New York, W.R. Grace Shipping Line, MORRO CASTLE Disaster, Moore-McCormack Shipping Line, Farnell Shipping Line, Sandy Hook Pilot Logs, and the Institutional History of Maritime College since 1874.  Through the Library’s institutional and special collections, partnerships have already evolved with other maritime institutions such as the Sailors’ Snug Harbor Museum, Noble Society, Marine Society of the City of New York, Propeller Club, Sandy Hook Pilots Association, and the Seamen’s Church Institute.