Monday, June 27, 2016

Dublin...then off we go!

6/27/2016 Update from Ship's Librarian, Jannette D'Esposito:

Cheers Mates!

Hi everyone! My name is Jannette D’Esposito and I am taking over as Ship’s Librarian for the second half of SST 2016. Those of us flying over for the second half made it to the ship safe and sound late on June 22.  After some much needed rest and food, we all went off to explore Dublin, Ireland.

The Temple Bar area of Dublin was very popular for shopping and great traditional Irish fare like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and of course Guinness! The Guinness Factory was another popular stop especially the Gravity Bar located on the top level. Many cadets ventured out of Dublin to take in the wonderful views of the countryside. Castles were explored, hiking trails were hiked and some went off to see the Game of Thrones filming sights. We all had a wonderful time!

On Sunday June 26, we set sail and started our day with a rather rainy drill to help us prepare for any type of emergency. Now it is time for classes and studying as we make our way to the Mediterranean Sea. Check back soon for more updates and photos.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Heading west!

6/16/2016 Update from Laurel:

We’re back out to sea again, on the choppy waters of the Atlantic. We’ve been taking some slow rolls this morning, but everyone seems to be feeling just fine as we make our way up the Portuguese coast.

Yesterday was spent “bunkering” (taking on fuel) just off the shore in Gibraltar. Our surroundings were dotted with small castles, seaside cliffs and a fluttering British flag atop a nearby hill. Many ships were in the bay where the weather was breezy and perfect for spending a few hours up on deck.

Classes seem to be going well and everyone has been hitting the books in the evenings. There are also plenty of foosball tournaments and lots of talk about what to do in our free time in Dublin! Many among us will be heading home from this next port, but those staying for the full 90 days will have nearly six days to explore the city.

Look out for more updates before our scheduled arrival!

Monday, June 13, 2016

So long Italy!

6/10/2016 Update from Laurel:

Well, we have said our arrivedercis to the bartenders of Trieste and the locals are probably ready for a bit more peace and quiet. It’s time we got back on the water again!

Everyone seems to have packed quite a lot of activity into our stay in this lovely corner of Italy. A lot of us visited Venice and had fun exploring its endless canals and alleyways.  Others headed for the surrounding hills, known for having one of the world’s largest tourist caves. Closer to home, there were historic fishing villages to stroll though and some spectacular palazzo-museums, roman ruins and shops worth visiting. We’ve eaten all the pasta and frutta di mare we could find and plenty of bierra and local Friuli wine. In short, we had a wonderful time!

Check back in soon for more news as we sail back out to sea!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Along the coast of Italy

June 6, 2016 Update from Laurel:

It’s been lovely sailing these past few days. The waters are calm and brilliant blue.

I had a nice visit to the engine room yesterday evening, where a large group of engineering cadets was busy standing watch over a million different machines, gadgets and gears. They were extremely polite and knowledgeable, posing for pictures and showing me around the cavernous sub-levels where everything mechanical takes place! For instance, steam is produced through the furnace and various boilers which helps get the shaft going, which turns the all-important propeller in order to get us moving. Then, of course, there are the water and septic tanks which also really have to keep working throughout our entire cruise!

We’re right at the toe of Italy now, with fantastic views looking out to Sicily and along the coast. The weather is perfect for a long slow cruise up the Adriatic and possibly a BBQ on the sundeck tomorrow. We’re due in the port of Trieste by evening of June 6th so look out for more updates and pictures coming soon!