Thursday, September 25, 2014

Robert McMillan Lecture

On September 24, 2014, the Stephen B. Luce library welcomed Robert McMillan to kick off its Library Lecture Series.  McMillan is the former chairman of the Panama Canal  Commission, former board member of the American Medical Association, co-host of PBS's Face-Off, and author.  He has penned numerous columns for The New York Times, Newsday, Florida's Charlotte Sun, among others.  His latest book is Global Passage: Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal.
McMillan profiled many of his experiences as the former chairman, along with providing the audience with some insight into his career outside of the Panama Canal affairs.
The well attended lecture culminated in a wonderful exchange of questions and ideas between McMillan and his audience.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

140th Anniversary of Maritime College

USS St.Mary's
On June 20, 1874 Congress passed the “Marine Schools Act” to provide a training ship to setup a nautical school and on December 10, 1874 the USS St. Mary’s was delivered and the New York Nautical School (now SUNY Maritime College) was founded.  This year marks the 140th anniversary of Maritime College and the Luce Librarians have dug deep into the archives to mount an exhibit reflecting the past years.

Documents, images, and videos showcase the founding of the College, the training ships and activities onboard, Fort Schuyler, the superintendents and presidents, alumni and much more.  Take a few minutes to visit the Library’s foyer area to browse the physical exhibit and watch the digital shows on the screens.  Go online to the Library’s web portal to experience more on our 140th Anniversary (

Fort Schuyler
View the 140th Anniversary slideshow, and then experience more of Maritime’s history with related shows on the training ships, Fort Schuyler, Superintendents and Presidents, and a bibliography of readings.  Also watch several silent videos with footage on the St. Mary’s in 1905, Fort Schuyler reconstruction ca. 1935, cadets at the Academy ca. 1940, and much more.  Enjoy!

Stephen B. Luce Library

Monday, September 15, 2014

Upcoming Library Lecture Series: Robert, McMillan. September 24th, 2014 @ 1500

Library Lecture Series, Celebrating 140th Anniversary of Maritime College presents:

 Global Passage: Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal
With Author Robert McMillan, former Panama Canal Commission Chairman
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 @ 15:00, Stephen B. Luce Library

Robert McMillan is former chairman of the Panama Canal as well as a widely published author. Since being confirmed to the post of United States Senator in 1989, Mr. McMillan has served as a member of the board of the American Medical Association and Madison National Bank, and has founded the Long Island Housing Partnership to facilitate the development of more choice in affordable housing. He has written widely about news and policy issues, the Panama Canal, and other topics, and is a co-host and political commentator on the PBS show Face Off, as well as news outlets such as The New York Times and Newsday. His latest book “Global Passage: Transformations of Panama and the Panama Canal” profiles the challenges and evolution of democracy in Panama and the future of the Panama Canal with its multibillion dollar expansion plans.


Robert McMillan’s new book Global Passage: Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal is a brilliantly researched account of the history of the Panama Canal and its multibillion dollar plans for future expansion. As former Chairman of the Panama Canal Commission, McMillan gives us an insider’s look into the canal’s impact on democracy in Panama, the role of the Chinese on the canal’s development, and the possibility of a brand new competing canal being built in Nicaragua.

“McMillan, an American, takes a personal approach to history in this book about the evolution of the Panama Canal, published in concert with the canal's 2014 centennial. As a member of the canal's board in the late 1980s and as the chairman in the 1990s, McMillan developed a thorough understanding of the canal's role in both the Panamanian politics and in global commerce, which he explains in clear, well-developed prose” – Kirkus Reviews

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 9/11

As we reflect back 13 years ago on this tragic day, The Stephen B. Luce Library is repeating its “Remembering 9/11” exhibit and slideshow.  The physical exhibit showcases a few personal reflections on what happened on September 11, 2001. On display are memorabilia donated by Maritime’s own Major General Robert Wolf (Admissions) and Prof. Michael Gray (GBAT Department) who were first responders to the 9/11 tragedy. Also on display are the personal photographs of Captain Robert Pouch, then the Director of Board of Commissioners of Pilots of the State of NY, who was a first responder on the rescue efforts by the maritime community in the New York Harbor.


The physical and digital exhibits are on display in the Library’s foyer area and at the Information Desk, and an online slideshow is available via the Library’s web portal:


     Stephen B. Luce Library


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Announcing Walk-Up Document/Image Scanning @ Luce Library

Announcing Walk-Up Document/Image Scanning @ Luce Library

Stephen B. Luce Library announces the availability of our new Knowledge Imaging Center or KIC machine, a high-quality scanning and copying station. Located on the first floor of the library, the convenient “KIC” machine boasts a variety of unique design features that includes an easy-to-use touch screen, a large format scanner bed that lets you capture documents up to 17” x 24”, and the ability to save scanned files to usb flash drives, mobile devices, or send them by email.  The option to print is also available.  

Its V-cradle allows for making quick black and white and full color digital scans of textbooks, journal articles, and personal documents with the option to clip/crop images on the touch screen. Most of all, the service is free to all Maritime users.
Designed for continuous use, the cutting edge KIC machine helps avoid many technical problems associated with poor copy quality, blurry images or text, and paper jams. This allows for a more sustainable workflow for students and staff by reducing paper output and toner use. We hope you enjoy our new enhanced scanning system for your document and imaging needs.  Special thanks to the Department of Information Technology for supporting the acquisition of the KIC.