Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's fire-drill time.

Greetings from the ship's librarian, Laurel:

It’s fire-drill time aboard our training ship, something that happens at least once a week and keeps us all feeling super-duper safe. Each time we muster at our boat station, take roll call, and follow this with a brief lecture and video session.

This week the focus was on proper use of lifeboats and life rafts, which we will never need of course because there will be absolutely no emergencies aboard the Empire State! To keep us prepared, however, we went over a great many things to do with the proper launching, control, and storage of lifeboats and rafts. The cadets seem pretty confident about how to lower the boats to avoid injuries, how to clear the boat promptly, and use the equipment needed to steer them to safety.

It’s nice to know they’ve been paying attention! So far I can find my life-boat and probably manage to hurl myself into it with some extra instruction.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So long Charleston...across the Atlantic we go!

Update from the ship's librarian, Laurel:

We’ve just left the sunny port of Charleston, where (from the sullen looks on people’s faces this morning) the cadets may have had a little too much of a good time! Fortunately, its now evening time and people seem to have perked up enough to study and swap stories about all their adventures in port!

In addition to exploring the historic old quarter of the city, with its many phenomenal dining and drinking establishments, our stay coincided with the city’s yearly arts festival. Spoleto features many different performances around the city, including plays, outdoor concerts, and readings by local authors. Some of our crew ventured out to hear music by Gershwin outside on the city’s historic customs house, while others among us watched a marching band play at a nearby park. The market at Marion Square was also a popular stop for its local food stalls selling chicken and waffles, grits, tacos, Italian ices, etc.

Outside of just walking around and enjoying the downtown quarter, people also had a great time hitting the city’s popular attractions. A few cadets I talked to visited the local aquarium, home to otters, loggerhead turtles and numerous fish, while some visited historic Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War rang out. When the thermometer hit 90 degrees, a large contingent of cadets headed straight for Foley Beach to cool off and sun themselves. Most are now looking a little less pale (some tomato red) and little more seaworthy.

Look out for more updates as we make our way across the Atlantic!

A pic from a few days ago, From right:

Jack de Santis 1st class
Lian Fitton 2nd class
James Martin 1st class
Terrence Blaine 1st class 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Chesapeake Bay

May 17th, 2015

Update from the Ship's Librarian, Laurel Angrist:

Hello from the Chesapeake Bay! It's warm and breezy down south and we're currently taking advantage of the shoreside views by having a bbq on deck! Although the cadets eat a lot, I'd say that the record number of ice cream servings - an impressive four bowls - actually goes to one of the officers!

We're here for another few hours, I've been told, and then the plan is to head north through the C&D canal and back to sea via the Delaware River. This way all the cadets get some extra practice maneuvering and navigating in busier waters before we head back down the coast towards Charleston.

Check back soon for more updates!

Friday, May 15, 2015


From Our Ship's Librarian Laurel Angrist:


Today marks the end of our stay in the Montauk training area, where the cadets have been busy practicing all sorts of skills needed for maintaining safety aboard our training ship. Among these is basic fire safety, an all-important skill at home and at sea! Here on the ship, their practice includes training and preparation for rescue situations. The daily practice simulates smoke conditions with the cadets wearing blacked-out eye goggles and crawling around on all fours. It’s serious but funny-looking business!

Cadet Shout-Out: Daniel Press, third class cadet, would like to say hi to his mom and Marissa, and of course to Ozzy, his yellow lab.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer Sea Term 2015

May 12, 2015

The Empire State VI disembarked yesterday for another fantastic Summer Sea Term. We are pleased to announce that  Laurel Angrist will be our ship's librarian during the first half of the cruise.

From Laurel:
We arrived at Montauk and it’s been a great cruise so far. After the tug boat picked us up yesterday morning, we all spent the afternoon on deck to take in the fantastic views heading down the east river. All seems to be well aboard the Empire State and the cadets are settling in comfortably with lots of things to chat about! More news to come later.